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Arthur has sex with D.W

Arthor sex

All they have at the moment is a booty and a pretty face. One has sex for money, one teases for money. Is that any way to behave during space camp? That or the fact that someone actually whipped it out at the kitchen table in the middle of a birthday celebration. Pair that with the fact that he is trying to convince his much whiter friend that the leader of Nazi Germany, and perpetrator of the holocaust, has something to say that will seemingly change his life for the better. While your little mating ritual would have worked on any other occasion, this time, you forgot to close that YouPorn window you were enjoying so much last night. The guy's a maniac.

Arthor sex

Read, Arthur's dad, telling Arthur something that's taken completely out of context, but that's why it's so hilarious. We thought you were better than that, though, Buster. This meme is heavy with so many questions that are just better left unanswered. Reddit Advertising [x] We all know Arthur likes to read—it is his last name after all, but who knew titty mags were even in his vocabulary. But who could afford something like that, or do something that extreme to boost their appearance? It's pretty ironic that someone with dark fur is even reading Mein Kampf, never mind subscribing to its belief system. The guy's a maniac. So, that can only mean one thing: Was it the vibration from the lift-off simulator that got you going? They put "photographer" in their Tinder or OkCupid profile and desperate girls go out with them because they think those guys will somehow help them. You'll just have to hope and pray she has short-term memory loss or that she decides hey, why not, I could go for a guy who's into tentacle porn. Right in front of everyone? Secondly, who brings a porn collection back in the middle of the night?? Strippers are not the same as prostitutes. What sells it the most is the look of horror on Arthur's face. He's probably boned almost everyone in his class according to these memes. This whole situation is an accident waiting to happen. Even Buster wasn't safe from his ravenous sexual appetite. What can I say? You know, this could be the basis of a hit new reality show, Muff's Butt. Why is everyone on the bus a tentacle-faced alien and why are they attacking Arthur? So what does she do? Good for you, dude! Advertising [x] Give TheThings a Thumbs up! After finding out that he wasn't teasing them about their science and math skills, the other kids would most likely come away from that conversation with a boatload of disgust and trauma.

Arthor sex

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