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Video about debates against same sex marriage:

A Professor's Argument for Same-Sex Marriage

Debates against same sex marriage

This denies the self-evident biological, physiological, and psychological differences between men and women which find their complementarity in marriage. It naturally tends to create families. None of these differences are insurmountable obstacles to marriage. There is no actual Filipino same-sex couple, unlike the real Mr. Marriage is a religious institution, they argue, and not one for society to tamper with. The petition also has glaring errors like the anti-RH petitions. Secondly, inherited and unchangeable racial traits cannot be compared with non-genetic and changeable behavior.

Debates against same sex marriage

Jude condemns sex with angels , not sex between two men. Organizations that receive public money, however, and which must adhere to anti-discrimination laws, should rightly be challenged if they engage in discrimination against a protected class of people. Saint Paul taught in the Epistle to the Romans that the natural law is inscribed on the heart of every man. Thank you to those at the GMUSA facebook page who have regularly shared their views on this topic and who have, in that regard, helped contribute to the ideas and arguments expressed in this article. Given that the U. It applies to the entire human race, equally. As such, they play a very important and sometimes decisive role in influencing patterns of thought and behavior. They reason that because two people of the same sex cannot procreate that they should not be allowed to marry. Proponents may consider opponents homophobic, bigoted, narrow-minded religious zealots, but none of these disqualifies one from being a citizen. This aids in perpetuating the nation and strengthening society, an evident interest of the State. Whenever one violates the natural moral order established by God, one sins and offends God. In , the General Assembly had approved language for the church constitution that stated church teachings were that people were "to live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or in chastity in singleness. Denial would come without penalty, but the priest or diocese would have to direct same-sex couples they decline to another church or priest willing to perform the ceremony. Those criticized as religious zealots should at least strive to be up-to-date, more sophisticated religious zealots. Accordingly, anyone who professes to love God must be opposed to it. Two entirely different things cannot be considered the same thing. In intellectually opposing individuals or organizations promoting the homosexual agenda, our only intent is the defense of traditional marriage, the family, and the precious remnants of Christian civilization. Under a literalist reading, the Bible can be read as condemning homosexuality and, by extension, gay marriage. Genesis also teaches how God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality: Although invoking human rights is not subject to an election, it is wise to consult society in defining these, and Obergefell stressed the lengthy public debates the United States experienced at every level. There is no evidence that children are psychologically harmed by having two dads or two moms. He will necessarily be raised by one party who has no blood relationship with him. Secondly, inherited and unchangeable racial traits cannot be compared with non-genetic and changeable behavior. This rule is confirmed by the evident difficulties faced by the many children who are orphans or are raised by a single parent, a relative, or a foster parent. This article discusses 10 of the most common positions presented by opponents of marriage equality and outlines why each deserves a failing grade. They talk of charity-based religious organizations being "forced out of business" for "sticking to their beliefs" about marriage. Notably in Troy Perry , the church's founder, filed the first lawsuit in the U.

Debates against same sex marriage

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  1. Religious groups and churches are still free to pick and choose who they will and won't marry.

  2. Two individuals of the same sex, regardless of their race, wealth, stature, erudition or fame, will never be able to marry because of an insurmountable biological impossibility.

  3. One hopes our high court insists that it be sought properly. Homosexuality and Hinduism There are both conservative and liberal views about homosexuality and same-sex marriages in Hinduism , similar to many other religions.

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