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Video about popularity of anal sex:

Why women actually enjoy anal sex

Popularity of anal sex

This is speculation on my part to be honest and I welcome comments, but since the female is not getting direct sexual pleasure from the act, she is presumably getting mental pleasure. I am a sex writer who has never had sex. Last updated The main reason is because my not having had butt sex is sort of like someone never having tried oysters, or not having seen E. And more than anything, I wish the men and women who feel coerced into having any kind of sex other than the one they find most pleasurable felt the same way. Has a digit slipped in during an inopportune moment, as a result of my getting distracted by a loud noise or shiny object during foreplay? Giving anal - The anus is a lot tighter than the vagina which is one of the prime reasons why men enjoy anal sex.

Popularity of anal sex

Why do guys like anal sex? Last updated Are porn producers struggling to cater to what they think is increased demand for anal in porn? Is it because of porn, as author Naomi Wolf posits, after learning from college health counselors that straight women are increasingly complaining of experiencing anal fissures from sex? You must play with your wives before sex, rub their breasts, and give them orgasms, before sex. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, years ago: Giving feels primitive and is often seen as an act of dominance. All I remember is darkness, lube, and an odor that I later identified as akin to the penguin exhibit at the Central Park Zoo. This article features frank discussions of sexuality and is NSFW. It could be that either consciously or subconsciously, guys get the idea that that is how sex should go. Stimulating the prostate or p-spot the male version of the g-spot can provide intense pleasure and lead to amazing orgasms. His second, more innocent explanation: This is why women who have one kind of perfectly good orgasm , be they clitoral or G-spot or anal, obsess over having the other kind, and this is why men who have access to one perfectly good orifice obsess over having access to another. A lot of people do. Then why is it so prevalent in porn? Still, a lot of guys do not like it. And then you can subdivide those into male-male sex and male-female sex. Giving anal - The anus is a lot tighter than the vagina which is one of the prime reasons why men enjoy anal sex. Yes, once, during high school, but my recollection of said event is hazy. To those men and women who have found their Holy Grail in the form of anal sex: But it does raise the question: My colleague Miles Klee has two theories, one of which has far more ominous implications than the other: Guys often feel blessed and special when a girl says yes to anal for the first time too. Do you mean giving or receiving anal sex? My friend Scott puts it best: It obviously requires use if a sex toy, a strap on dildo being ideal. Is it because of societal pressure?

Popularity of anal sex

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