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How To Enjoy Anal Sex in 4 Simple Steps

The pleasure of anal sex

Ask your partner to put on the anal plug at least a couple of hours before you get started. Because different people are different, and have different responses. The first branch becomes the inferior rectal nerve and then the perineal nerve which supplies sensation to that area between the genitals and the anus , eventually becoming the dorsal nerve of the clitoris in women and the dorsal nerve of the penis in males. Some women hold unexpressed sexual energy in their legs, thighs, and butt. That pleasure is possible when each area is stimulated but the many differences in the anatomy make the experiences subject to a great deal of variation. The deeper he went, the more pleasure I felt. Anna Morgan , Had a lot! How to stimulate the G-Spot and the A-Spot through the anal canal. It supplies sensation to the anal opening, the scrotum in men and the labia in women.

The pleasure of anal sex

How to properly arouse the anal ring. Women can also stimulate their clitoris while having anal sex. The sexual sensations that may occur with stimulation of any of these nerves in these various locations can be unique and for some pleasurable. With proper care and awareness, pain is avoidable during anal sex. If you have a thick dick, take your time with the fingers to get your partners anus adjusted to the width. Also, the vaginal opening is made to accommodate the insertion of a penis; the anus is not. For me, anal sex is one of the best things when it comes to sex. The reason anal sex can be painful is because the walls inside the anal canal are much thinner and more vulnerable to pain than the walls inside the vaginal canal. However, only 31 women responded to that aspect of the survey so the reliability of the result is somewhat questionable. Sexual sensations are not limited to the very specifically located regions most people think about. Ordinary human sexual variety is enormous. Kristine Whitmore from the Pelvic Floor Institute has been quoted as saying: Just by the names one can see where this is going. Why do some women prefer anal sex to vaginal sex? The pudendal nerve there are two of them, one on the right and one on the left travels into the anogenital region within the pudendal canal but it soon separates into branches. Then on, whenever a woman agrees for anal sex, and if its her first time, I take it really slow. It is responsible for the swelling of the penis and the clitoris and is even responsible for the spasms of ejaculation. Most people have reservations regarding anal because they are worried about the mess. The orgasm is often so satisfying that I find myself wanting more within a few minutes of cumming. Anal intercourse offers more tightness around the penis compared to the vagina. I consider it as a reward if, after introducing a woman to anal sex, she ask for it the next time we are together. Can it sometimes be messy? Being patient, gentle and using lots of lubrication is key for anal pleasure. There are a myriad of issues that confound this sexual practice that include cultural and religious prohibitions—and a personal perspective can include gender dynamics, personal relationship issues, and any number of other considerations. Absolutely, but it takes time to learn how to paint, be patient.

The pleasure of anal sex

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