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Women's Prison Punishment

Tourture sex pictures

The general, who previously ran the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, said his main role was to extract as much intelligence as possible. I take full responsibility. Some images also showed prisoners killed by the soldiers, some shot in the head and some with slit throats. Before March , Abu Ghraib was an abattoir, a torture chamber, and a concentration camp. And, in fact, I have a Baghdad newspaper with me right now from — it's called 'Dar-es-Salaam. In , he was the subject of a civil court case in the United States. Part of the reason was that rumors and tall stories, as well as true stories, about abuse, mass rape, and torture in the jails and in coalition custody have been going round for a long time. Frederick's civilian job was as a corrections officer at a Virginia prison.

Tourture sex pictures

On May 8, , The Guardian reported that according to a former British special forces officer, the acts committed by the Abu Ghraib prison military personnel resembled the techniques used in R2I training. It was the natural consequence of the Bush Administration policy. One of them told me he would rape me. And it was inconsistent with the values of our nation. Hersh on May 25, in The New Yorker magazine suggested a connection between the Abu Ghraib incidents and a chain of events set in motion by senior government officials following the September 11 attacks. These events occurred on my watch. Thirty-two graves of soldiers killed in World War I were desecrated or destroyed. Don't judge your army based on the actions of a few. Gore also called the Bush administration's Iraq war plan "incompetent" and described Bush as the most dishonest president since Richard Nixon. It says that an apology is not enough for the torture [ The guard said that she was "in trouble" for having thrown rocks at the detainees. I'm not going to address the 'torture' word. I take full responsibility. The Department of Defense immediately characterized Hersh's report as "outlandish, conspiratorial, and filled with error and anonymous conjecture". The pictures [from] Abu Ghraib represented a setback for America's efforts in Iraq. Graner applies sutures to the chin of a bound detainee Megan Ambuhl forces an injection into a bound detainee Iraqi response[ edit ] A naked Iraqi detainee hanged upside down for long hours. They wear the same uniform as us, and they let their fellow soldiers down [ In addition, the International Red Cross had been making representations about abuse of prisoners for more than a year before the scandal broke. Our country had an obligation to treat them right. And, in fact, I have a Baghdad newspaper with me right now from — it's called 'Dar-es-Salaam. The revelations were also the impetus for the creation of the Fay Report , named for its lead author George Fay , as well as the Taguba Report. Senate Committee on Armed Services , stated that the events were being blown out of proportion: These R2I techniques are taught ostensibly to help soldiers cope with, or resist, torture if they are captured. I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? We're functioning in a — with peacetime restraints, with legal requirements in a wartime situation, in the information age, where people are running around with digital cameras and taking these unbelievable photographs and then passing them off, against the law, to the media, to our surprise, when they had not even arrived in the Pentagon. These are our fellow soldiers. You know, these people are being fired at every day.

Tourture sex pictures

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