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How to Have Better Sex - Sex-ed for everyone

Tricks and tips to hand sex

Another thing to experiment with is the use of sex toys. You should love it too, and keep it fit with Kegel exercises. It's easy to feel - it's shaped like a walnut - and he'll enjoy the sensation of having it massaged. Small hand-held vibrators can be pressed against his scrotum, perineum or anus as you make love. Cast them to the winds! You can palm and pull your penis head while masturbating with a full-hand grip. Avoid eating a heavy meal, since that'll just make you sleepy. Masturbation can be a sexual goal in itself, or a part of foreplay.

Tricks and tips to hand sex

Looking for something more adventurous? Whatever the reason for this, it can be turned to your advantage by making your man so grateful for the pleasure you give him he'll be happier to do whatever you want - sexually and possibly otherwise! Keep reading to learn more about masturbating with a penis, how you can get started, and what you can do to make your next solo session a steamy one. Different positions mean different sensations — and that may mean more satisfaction. Bring what you need to make you comfortable. Small hand-held vibrators can be pressed against his scrotum, perineum or anus as you make love. With the right partner, time, care, and practice, you have everything you need to become a great lover. You could also add a little bit of rubbing to the classic three-finger grip. There are times when a man's need for sex can be as powerful and fundamental as his need to drink and eat - and that may not match his partner's sexual drive. Many men know this already, having discovered during masturbation that a finger on the anus or inside it adds a lot to the experience, but he might be a bit shy about sharing this with you. You may find acting out your fantasies is very exciting and adds a massive thrill to sex. This "hand job" is the one men most often use to get themselves erect or even all the way to orgasm. The most common options include: This potential mismatch is the downside of the male sex drive. Of course, men can be guilty of this as well, so the real answer is for both partners to learn how to communicate openly and naturally. Many men think that because they're men, they should be in charge of the sex, regardless of who has the more experience. With the best hand job he ever had from anyone! Hopefully you'll have a room to yourself, with all the amenities that a bedroom affords, including heat, comfort, space, and the bathroom. It's the same effect as a prostate massage, with a finger inserted through the anal canal. Then explore your erogenous zones! You can also massage or play with your taint to create some intense sensations. It may turn your man on even faster if you dress up for him in a way that he finds sexually exciting. If your man's penis is uncircumcised, you might find that moving his foreskin back and forwards over his glans, which allows the soft, sensitive skin of his inner foreskin to stimulate his glans, gives him great pleasure - in fact, this may be how he masturbates himself. Move your thumbs together, but make sure you leave a space wide enough for his cock between your fingers and thumbs. You always want to give your man the best sex he can get, yes?

Tricks and tips to hand sex

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